Airflo lines up for recycling scheme

Welsh fly line and tackle manufacturer Airflo has boosted its environmental efforts by backing the UK Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme initiative

The firm, which was acquired by US-based Mayfly Group – which owns Ross and Abel Reels –in 2019, wants to encourage its customers to recycle old fly lines rather than add them to the increasing problem of landfill.

Working with Viv Shears of the ANLRS, Airflo quickly established that its PVC-free fly lines are suitable for its unique methods of recycling via its partner ReWorked.

The scheme also accepts the plastic spools that many fly lines and tippet materials come on. With over 320 tackle shops and 150 plus fisheries, including a number of trout fisheries, having signed up to offer recycling bins for UK customers, there is now no reason to discard of fishing lines in any other manner.

Airflo sales director, Gareth Jones, said “Not only has ANLRS provided a solution for old fly lines, it has also provided us with a real recycling option for our manufacturing waste through its UK-based partners. As a fishing company we have a duty to support this incredibly innovative solution, I strongly recommend other tackle manufacturers reach out to ANRLS and support the scheme.

“Over the course of the season, we will work together on ideas of how best we can promote the scheme across angling and find easy ways to help recycle even more old fly lines.”

Viv Shears added: “As an innovative and environmentally aware company, the fact that they are now using our recycling partners for their production waste recycling speaks volumes about Airflo. Its support of the ANLRS and commitment to ensuring as much of its plastic production waste is recycled is an approach all fishing tackle manufacturers should seriously consider becoming involved in.”