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TTW Staff  |  May 07, 2024  |  0 comments
Anglers and hunters in the USA are celebrating after a vital new law passed a key stage, preventing the government from banning the use of lead tackle or ammunition on federal lands and waters unless supported by science or complying with current state rules.
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With the establishment of its sales and distribution centre in Halmstad, Sweden as a permanent presence in Europe, Foundation Outdoor Group has added industry veteran Martin Bergman to its team of seasoned sales and business solutions experts.
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Dobyns Rods, a manufacturer created by angler Gary Dobyns back in 2009, has become part of the GSM Outdoors family of brands in the USA.
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The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) has announced JD Strong as its senior director of industry engagement, as it seeks to keep people in the sport.
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ICAST Lunch & Learn has become a can’t-miss resource for staying on top of changing trends in the business of recreational fishing.
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The ‘Wild Salmon Without Borders’ event, part of this year’s 19th International Experience the World of Fly Fishing (EWF) fly fishing show in Germany successfully brought together key individuals and organisations from across Europe to motivate a renewed focus on international collaboration for wild Atlantic salmon restoration.
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Long-time Rapala VMC Corporation board member and former chairman, president and CEO, Jorma Kasslin, has passed away, it has been announced.
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Wiley X, a leading provider of high-performance eyewear, has revealed it will extend its Angling Spirit sponsorship in 2024 to include three prestigious angling tournaments – the World Carp Classic, the World Predator Classic and the Sea Angling Classic.
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At ICAST, a happy hour made for tackle dealers delivers more than a good time.
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The European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA) board of directors has revealed that CEO Olivier Portrat will be leaving his position at the helm to pursue a new career opportunity.