Weihai Julia closes 2020 order books

Orders are so strong for the remainder of 2021 that established OEM rod and pole builder Weihai Julia has announced it will not accept any new orders for delivery this year.

Alberto Solza, the firm’s executive vice-president of sales, said production at the Weihai facility was now at maximum capacity and would remain that way for some time.

He revealed: “2020 showed a decrease in sales against 2019 of 25 per cent since many customers had not placed orders during the start of the pandemic. So we basically lost five months in our production output but, from June 2020, we have seen commitment getting back from our customers to a point where we had to ramp up capacity dramatically. Our orders show that in 2021 we will double our turnover against 2020 and be 55 per cent above 2019. 

“Increasing capacity by 55 per cent was not an easy task considering our top-level management can’t travel to China but we managed to send some of our Italian engineers to support our Chinese management in ensuring the same quality level.

“They had to go through an intensive process of getting the invitation letter and visa that took seven months, plus they had to travel to China using special charter flights and undergo through three-weeks of quarantine in a Covid hotel. 

“Despite that, Julia had successfully increased capacity and we are looking ahead to 2022 to increase it even more. We have the best customers and they have all been very proactive in terms of forecasting and ordering; dealing with some of the best brands and managers in the industry has helped us a lot in achieving such an outstanding result.”