Tackle companies offer aid for hurricane victims

Tackle firms have been coming up with innovative ways to help fellow companies and retailers devastated by Hurricane Ian across Florida and the southeast USA.

Costa, which is based in Florida, set up the #OneCoast concept five years ago in the wake of other hurricanes, to work on rebuilding the areas worst hit by such tragedies.

Among the current schemes are the Captains for Clean Water relief fund. The organisation lost its office and many members’ homes but the team has been navigating waters for rescue missions and delivering supplies.

The Worldwide Anglers Relief Fund, set up by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and Costa back in 2017, helps charter captains, guides and outfitters in the wake of natural disasters.

There is also an auction of fishing flies under the hashtag #FliesforIan, with josh Mills raising some $50,00 in the first five days.

Costa is also selling #OneCoast apparel with all proceeds going directly to relief efforts.

A Costa spokesman said: “As #OneCoast, we will rebuild and restore these areas that have been drastically impacted by Hurricane Ian. We’re proud to be a part of an industry where we’ve seen countless brands, organisations and individuals step up to provide as much help as possible.”

Meanwhile, fishing and marine apparel manufacturer Hook & Tackle has donated $35,000 in clothing to the Miami Dolphins Foundation to be distributed to the victims in need from the hurricane.

Brand owner Stan Rudman, who is also a co-chairman of the Miami Dolphins Foundation Fins Weekend, said: “We decided to partner up with the Miami Dolphins Foundation as they have been a force in our community. For nearly 25 years, I have been proud to work closely with the foundation.

“Hurricane Ian really hit home, especially with many of our retailers of over 30-plus years losing their businesses all together. It is devastating! Anything we can do to help; we will be there. There is nothing like coming together to do good for others when the need is there, especially in our backyard.”


Image courtesy of Mariah Bakke.