Simon Henton to join Abramis

Abramis co-owner Andrzej Maślak (left) with Simon Henton.

Industry stalwart Simon Henton, who has had senior roles at a number of key brands over the past 25 years, will be joining polish tackle company Abramis at the start of September.

Simon, who left Zebco Europe in April a year after it had been purchased by US-based tackle giant Rather Outdoors, told TTW he will be focusing on helping Abramis’ growth and business development.

He said: “After Zebco Europe was acquired by Rather Outdoors I had a few approaches enquiring about my future aspirations. At that time, I told people I wanted to see how things turned out with Rather Outdoors, after all it was now one of the largest fishing tackle companies in the world.

“A year after the acquisition it was clear to me that my role in the new structure would not be as rewarding as it had been previously so I decided it was time to move on.

“Ultimately I wanted to join an organisation where my skills and experiences would be put to good use and where I could make a significant contribution.”

He explained that, in many ways, Abramis reminded him of Zebco at the time he joined.

“Similar size, challenges of moving to a consumer pull model, expanding rapidly outside their home market, requirement to establish international marketing structure. All areas I knew I could help with in a positive way,” he continued.

“But apart from a great fit between my skillset and the company’s requirements, it was the ownership and management team that convinced me that I was going to the right place.

“The passion, the honesty, the desire to deliver their ambitions really got me very excited. I leave behind at Zebco some wonderful memories and many friends. It has been possibly the most enjoyable role of my career so far but I truly believe that the coming challenge at Abramis can be even more rewarding.”