Nautilus reels in factory after turning down IFTD

Nautilus Reels has revealed its reasons behind its non-attendance at this year’s IFTD Show in Salt Lake City, citing the move to a new headquarters and factory and the need to keep up with demand for its products.

To ensure dealers receive their fly reels in good time, the Miami, Florida-based manufacturer will use the resources saved from not being at the ITD show to visit retailers across the USA while also making a donation to the Utah Stream Access Coalition.

At the start of the pandemic, Nautilus started company-wide restructuring and re-engineering of operations, including the purchase of new CNC machines and a search for a new factory and headquarters.

In June 2021, Nautilus began building a larger factory in Miami and started the move in November that year.

As IFTD is intended to serve the interest of dealers, Nautilus decided to remain in Miami during the show to continue production of reels that will ultimately make their way to dealers. In addition, it is setting in motion a nationwide plan to visit Nautilus dealers later this year.

In terms of its donation, the firm has a history of speaking out about issues concerning the environment and conservation and for years has been concerned about efforts to restrict stream access in Utah.

Kristen Mustad of Nautilus Reels explained: “The United States’ public lands offer access to all, and is unique in the world, where private land ownership limits access to the public.

“Several states already have limited access policies, and more are trying to move in that direction. The Utah Stream Access Coalition is working hard for our access in Utah, and it is important that we support them now more than ever.”