Japanese fishing show heads online

Amid continued concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic, the organisers of the Yokohama Fishing Festival have once again decided to take it online – but it’s already looking like a huge success.

Japan’s Yokohama Fishing Festival will take place online again next year, with the event set to kick off from January 21st, 2022.

It’s only the second time the organisers – the Japan Fish And Tackle Manufacturers’ Association (JAFTMA) – have been forced to do this and the reason is to continue to keep everyone safe from Covid-19.

Live events will be available for streaming between January 21st and 23rd and an archive of everything will then be made available through until February 27th.

But the 2022 online show already looks set to be a major hit, with more than 90 exhibitors, representing major fish and tackle manufacturers in Japan, featuring over the three days.

In 2021, the online event was a success as viewers reached 266,267 with a staggering 5,090,611 page views.

The event also boasted visitors from more than 100 countries worldwide.

This time around you can be assured that new product information will be unveiled by major manufacturers, so this is a good way to start the year to find out what is on its way to your shelves.

The 2022 show will feature more content on both fishing and the outdoors, a concept designed to attract more outdoor enthusiasts to the sport of fishing itself.

Show organiser JAFTMA, which is represented by over 120 member companies, not only runs the Yokohama Fishing Festival but it is also responsible for setting quality and safety standards for fishing and tackle products. 



Another innovation from JAFTMA, which was originally started in 2013, is called the LOVE BLUE foundation, which was set up to protect and conserve fishing environments.

Each year the foundation spends money on keeping the water and environment clean, to protect our resources and open up more areas for fishing.

Work started on the project in May 2021, with JAFTMA members agreeing to develop activities in nature to benefit society as a whole and they announced a Fishing Environment Vision, to build a sustainable angling environment for the future.

In collaboration with the Japanese Sportfishing Foundation, JAFTMA has taken great strides towards a vision of protecting not just the natural environment but the future of the planet.

JAFMTA explained: “For the last half century, the fishing world has been thinking and acting in consideration of the natural environment.

“While recording the efforts and progress of our predecessors on the natural environment in history, we will carry out activities with a new perspective suitable for the 21st century and will play the role of ‘putting a sash on the future of fishing.

“In addition, we have set a new slogan – LOVE BLUE – The future of the earth – and we will carry out the LOVE BLUE business based on the fishing environment vision concept, not only for people involved in fishing but also for waterside areas such as the sea, rivers and lakes.

“We would like to unite with many people who are interested in protecting the natural environment, protect the future of the beautiful earth, and build a sustainable natural environment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.”

For more information on LOVE BLUE, please visit to www.loveblue.jp 

For more information on JAFTMA, please go to www.jaftma.or.jp