Halco unveils third party warehouse to service USA

Australian lure manufacturer Halco has opened a third-party warehouse in Dallas, Texas to better service its US customers.

The warehouse will hold a range of its fastest moving lines, allowing the brand to provide faster service to its key distributors, Big Rock Sports and Farris Brothers as well as serving others who were previously unable to access the product.

Halco’s sales and marketing manager, Tim Carter, told TTW: “Because of the way things used to work, distributors would wait for stocks to become depleted before placing orders, along with lead time requirements which meant that sometimes they were out of stock of these fast-moving or volume lures.

“Having a warehouse in the US now means we can service everyone much faster and our distributors will hopefully never run out of stock again.

“Of course, it also means we can look after sponsored anglers, operations and influencers in a timely manner as well. We see it as a real game-changer.”