Fly fishing brand Skwala launches with apparel

The fly tackle world has a new brand – US-based Skwala – that says it is determined to push the limits of fly fishing apparel.

Skwala, based in the heart of fly fishing in southwest Montana, is being spearheaded by founder Kevin Sloan, who led the Sitka Gear business for nearly a decade.

It aims to build gear for fly anglers who are constantly pushing the limits of their fishing adventures and says it is is obsessed with innovation that uses leading materials, thoughtful design and unsurpassed construction.

Kevin revealed: “We have been working on this brand for well over two years and now we are pleased to let the world to see what we have been up to.

“We think the fly fishing apparel world is ready for some new thinking about apparel design and construction that allows anglers to go further in their fly fishing pursuits.”

It all starts with passion for the upstart company and the desire to rise above the mundane. The passion comes from decades of experience—nearly 100 years—in the industry that steers business and product decisions.

Skwala says anglers will appreciate the attention to detail by barely recognising the gear is there – leaving the angler free to chase connection on the water.  And fabric technology and design have evolved to the point where She brand can match its mindset with product that lives up to their quest. 

Kevin added: “The team has roots in best-in-class brands like Sitka, Yeti, Simms, Patagonia, and Orvis. This accumulative experience has created what we think is an amazing product line at launch that will definitely resonate with anglers who are looking for the best gear in the world.”

The company launches with an array of core products, including two waders, two jackets, two insulation pieces, two sun shirts, wading pants and shorts.