EFTTEX Digital Best New Product Showcase winners

The winners of the EFTTEX 2022 Digital Best New Product Showcase across dozens of categories have finally been announced.

In all, 211 products from 71 companies were judged last Saturday in Budapest. Products from Japan, the United States and across almost all of Europe were evaluated and reviewed by four professional judges.

EFTTEX Trading general manager Dr Zoltan Kekkoi explained: “When we had to postpone EFTTEX 2022 until 15-17 June 2023, we decided to keep something from the tradition alive if we can’t have an exhibition – the Best New Product competition.

“We decided to make an online showcase with as much exposure as possible. We asked both media partners Tackle Trade World and Angling International to support us and create a real buzz around the showcase. We wanted to recreate the excitement of live shows with the limitless possibilities of an online presence. And it worked! Companies worldwide joined us and became part of the showcase!

“But it can’t be without winners and choosing a winner needs responsibility. That is why we not only widened the categories for more balanced competition but decided to evaluate the products live! This means we had to build up a “small” EFTTEX booth for the jury to touch, smell and if possible, test the nominated products.

“We also added a ’green booster’ to the competition. This is a marker that mirrors how green the product is. Is it made of recycled plastic, or the packaging is eco-friendly? This year, the green booster modifies the results in several categories, so those companies who care for the environment, dodge the others and run up to the top!

“Jury members did an excellent job. Their knowledge of the industry, trade, competition and angling profession was a big help to us.”



Apparel & General

· Boxes and Bags
Winner: Plano - EDGE Flex 3600 tackle box
Runner-up: Rapala - Tackle Tray

· Camping/outdoor Gear
Winner: Plano - Plano Frost

· Clothing
Runner-up: Ursuit - Ursuit Utö jacket and trousers

· Electronic Devices
Winner: Watersnake - Geo Spot GPS

· Gifts
Winner: Berkley - Berkley/Abu Garcia Advent Calendar 2022
Runner-up: GABY Fish Pillows - Black Marlin

· Sunglasses
Winner: Wiley X - WX OZONE
Runner-up: Costa Sunglasses - Jose PRO

· Watercraft
Winner: Rainbow Kayaks Fishing - Hardbelly Fishing Pro


Carp & Feeder

· Accessory
Winner: MS-RANGE - Seatbox
Runner-up: LeadFree - DIstance Torpedo Eye and Swivel

· Bait
Winner: TOP MIX - Top Mix Green GLM method mix
Runner-up: Promix - Promix SQUID Premium Method Mix

· Carp Rod
Winner: ANACONDA - Anaconda Corky-V series

· Feeder Rod
Winner: TOP MIX - Top Mix Stradivari feeder rod
Runner-up: Benzar Mix - Benzar Concourse Method Feeder rod

· Hookbait
Winner: Cralusso - Jelly Corn
Runner-up: TOP MIX - Top Mix Duplex Wafters

· Monofilament
Winner: Carp Expert - Carp Expert Smoke Monofilament
Runner-up: CARBOTEX - CARBOTEX - FEEDER Sinking Formula Line

· Reel
Winner: Shimano - Shimano AERO Technium MgS
Runner-up: Benzar Mix - Benzar Mix Concourse Method Feeder 8500

· Terminal tackle
Winner: iBite - iBite MS Tip Light
Runner-up: Carp´R´Us - Ready Ronnie Rig
Runner-up: Cralusso - Rocket Method Basket


Fly Fishing

· Accessory
Winner: Magnet-ique LTD - MagMini Double
Runner-up: Richard Wheatley Fly Boxes - Hybrid XL Intruder Fly Box

· Clothing
Winner: TRAUN RIVER - Primaloft Insulation Pants
Runner-up: Snowbee(UK)Ltd - XStreme Thermal Jacket

· Fly Lines
Winner: RIO Products - Premier AquaLux WF7I
Runner-up: STROFT - STROFT Running Line

· Freshwater Rod
Winner: Sage - R8 Core 590-4
Runner-up: Temple Fork Outfitters - Pro III Single-Hand fly rod

· Reel
Winner: Sage - ARBOR XL 4/5/6
Runner-up: Hardy - Fortuna Regent

· Saltwater Rod
Winner: Snowbee(UK)Ltd - Prestige G-XS Saltwater
Runner-up: Greys - Wing

· Two Handed Rod
Winner: Snowbee(UK)Ltd - Prestige G-XS Switch Rod
Runner-up: Temple Fork Outfitters - Pro III Two-Handed fly rod

· Waders
Winner: TRAUN RIVER - TRAUN RIVER Pro Waders & Eco Waste Bag


General & Coarse

· Accessory
Winner: American Tackle - The SRG (Shrink Ready Grip) System
Runner-up: Suretti - Umbrella Full Cover 2-man 320CM

· Coarse Rod (Big)
Winner: Shakespeare - SKP B1

· Hooks and rigs
Winner: SASAME - Nazo no Chibi Anko
Runner-up: Benzar Mix - Benzar Mix Scooby Light Hook

· Lines
Winner: Cralusso - Navigator Feeder Energy with QSP
Runner-up: CARBOTEX - CARBOTEX ICE - For Winter Fishing

· Reel
Winner: ROVEX - Surf Caster 10000

· Terminal tackle
Winner: Cralusso - Pro Carbon Waggler
Runner-up: iBite - iBite Zander Float


Saltwater fishing

· Accessory
Winner: FRICHY - X9-7
Runner-up: Rainbow Kayaks Fishing - Livewell

· Boat Rod
Winner: JINKAI - JINKAI Sliw
Runner-up: AQUANTIC - Square F-Carbon

· Braided line
Winner: Berkley - Nautil Braid x8 AquaBlue

· Coastal Rod
Winner: Penn - Tidal Surfcasting

· Lure, Hooks and rigs
Winner: VMC - Kaptain X6

· Monofilament
Winner: CARBOTEX - CARBOTEX PLANET OCEAN - Saltwater SpecialLine
Runner-up: Berkley - Nautil tapered mainline

· Multiplier Reel
Winner: Penn - Fathom® II Lever Drag

· Spinning Reel
Winner: Penn - Authority
Runner-up: Okuma - TESORO


Spinning and baitcasting

· Accessory
Winner: Wizard - Wizard Catmagnet Magnetic Fixing Adapter for catfishing

· Baitcasting Reel
Winner: Shimano - Shimano Aldebaran BFS
Runner-up: Abu Garcia - Zenon MG-LTX

· Baitcasting Rod
Runner-up: Cashion Fishing Rods - ICON Series Chatterbait Rod

· Braided line
Winner: Sufix - Sufix 91 Braid
Runner-up: Berkley - Sick Braid & Fluorocarbon 2in1

· Hard Lure
Winner: Hard Lure - Shimano Bantam World Minnow FlashBoost
Runner-up: LIVETARGET - Live Shrimp Lure

· Monofilament
Winner: Sufix - Recycline
Runner-up: TEKLON - Teklon Gold Advanced

· Soft Lure
Winner: LIVETARGET - Ultimate Frog Lure
Runner-up: ADUSTA - Varius Chatter3/8oz, 1/2oz

· Spinning Reel
Winner: Shimano - Shimano Stella FK
Runner-up: Abu Garcia - Revo SX 2500

· Spinning Rod
Winner: Shimano - Shimano Sustain Spinning
Runner-up: Stucki Fishing - The Servant

· Terminal tackle
Winner: Mustad Fishing - JawLok Inline Treble Hooks
Runner-up: Pikecraft Fishing - The Stinger

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