Changes at the top for Daiwa USA

Carey Graves has been promoted to president of American Daiwa, the company’s United States operation, replacing Trevor Teragaki.

Trevor has been elevated to board chairman and also represents Daiwa USA as a board member for Globeride, Inc., Daiwa’s Japan-based parent company.

The moves are expected to strengthen Daiwa’s increasingly strong position in both the North and South American recreational fishing markets.

“Carey Graves is extremely well qualified for his new position,” says Curt Arakawa, Daiwa’s marketing manager.

“From a marketing standpoint I noticed an immediate difference when he came aboard five years ago. He has over 27 years of experience at the top levels of the US fishing industry, excels at planning, clearly communicates company strategy, and keeps everyone in the chain of command aware of his position on relevant issues. All that makes it easier for the rest of us to make smart, informed decisions.”

For his part, Carey expects to put extra effort into improving industry relationships and ensuring that Daiwa’s customers know we are working hard to support their needs and are designing and building products that are specifically for their markets.

“We’ve been a very strong company with great tackle and technology in the past; that hasn’t changed,” he said.

“Now we need to do a better job with our customers. We’ve sometimes acted like a Japanese company doing business in the US. Our new goal is to be a major North American company that happens to have a Japanese parent company.”

Carey also noted the importance of Trevor’s promotion to chairman of the board, and his position on the board of directors for Globeride, Inc.

Trevor Teragaki.

“Trevor has set the course,” he stated. “He wanted to build a team that was managed and driven within the North American market, and he has. He’s also spent countless hours teaching and preparing me to better understand our parent company so one day I could assume this position. He is very respected in this company and throughout the industry. To see him elevated into these new roles is extremely satisfying.”