Renzetti flies into Europe aiming for growth

The complete line of Renzetti rotary vises, fly tying tools and materials is now available to European retailers thanks to a distribution deal with Danish firm The Fly Company.

The US-based family business, which started life in the early 1970s and is best-known for its rotary vises, says the move to have product warehoused in Europe will help decrease shipping costs and speed up supply lines to dealers while also ensuring strong stock levels.

Lily Renzetti said: “As the season approaches and after living with a year and a half of unprecedented challenges and growth, it has prompted us to re-evaluate our current distribution and make the product line more readily available to fly tyers in Europe.
“We have partnered with The Fly Company / Fluebinding ApS in Denmark to be our distributor of the complete product line. We believe this will greatly benefit all parties involved, mainly from a logistical standpoint. Its commitment to stock the product and provide support is on point and in the long run it will benefit all of us. Product will be available by October 15th.
The Fly Company’s CEO, Hanna Bossow Vestergaard, added: “The Renzetti brand stands for functionality, craftmanship and tradition. With an innovative approach to the performance and design, Renzetti is the top runner of fly tying vises and tools.

“With a long tradition in crafting vises and tools for fly tyers around the world, the Renzetti brand stands strong in all of our minds. We at The Fly Company look forward to supplying all of Europe with Renzetti products.”