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How fishing netted five million more US anglers
Last year, 55 million Americans went fishing – that’s five million new and returning anglers, who are young, more diverse and live in urban areas.

Pure Fishing completes key Plano products acquisition
Although the deal is done, Pure Fishing immediately offloaded the hunting and archery accessories brands to GSM Outdoors

Are you protected from the power of the sun?
When the sun comes out, it’s not just your eyes that need looking after. Keeping those UV rays off your skin when you are outdoors is vital.

Bait flavours that you can trust
For more than 40 years, Kanegrade has been supplying high-quality natural ingredients to manufacturers. Could your bait business benefit?

North and South America working in harmony
When US fly line brand Monic was trying to open up the South American market, it needed a different strategy to reach its retailers.

Doing Business With… Eastern Europe
The gateway to the east is a massive tackle market. We talk to the major players in this region to find out what opportunities are available.

EFTTA CEO explains why change is coming
Olivier Portat reveals some of the plans for the organisation and its EFTTEX show and why it is moving from London to Belgium.


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