Global predator rod series released by St Croix

Furthering its promise to provide anglers with the ‘Best Rods on Earth’, St Croix Rod has announced details of an all-new international rod series for 2025.

Consisting of 25 technique-specific casting and spinning models purpose-engineered and handcrafted with the brand’s latest technologies, materials and task-specific componentry and ergonomics, RAYFIN is said to deliver premium quality and uncompromising performance to elite anglers in pursuit of zander and European perch, worldwide.

Brand manager Ryan Teach explained: “RAYFIN joins our Legend Tournament Pike series to provide an even broader selection of premium-quality technique-specific rods to international anglers.

“These are one and two-piece technique-optimised rods crafted on our SCIV+ carbon fibre blanks with rigid titanium guides, carbon fibre and titanium reel seats, and progressive, premium EVA split-grip handles unlike anything else ever offered by St Croix Rod.

“Driven by input and rigorous testing by our international team of field testers, these rods have been over three years in the making.”

Technology suite
The technique-optimised SCIV+ blanks, which are a hybrid of SCIV and SCVI carbon materials. SCIV is a high-modulus high-strain carbon fibre material producing extremely light and sensitive rods.

SCVI is an exotic, super-high modulus high-strain carbon fibre material that adds power with minimal weight. The two materials are combined in varying proportions and locations in each specific RAYFIN model to optimise technique-driven actions and performance.
RAYFIN’s IPC blanks are rolled on mandrels with one continuous taper. The elimination of transition points means more uniform wall thicknesses from tip to butt and, ultimately, rods with smoother actions, increased strength and greater sensitivity.

Taper Enhancement Technology (TET) is a dramatic departure from traditional straight-line patterns – RAYFIN rod layups begin with curved patterns, precision cut on computer-controlled pattern-cutting machines. When combined with IPC mandrels, these unique patterns result in extreme consistency and improved sensitivity.

The rods also feature Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART) – an exotic carbon fibre material that adds a magnitude 10X of strength with virtually no increase in blank diameter or weight. ART significantly improves hoop strength and reduces cross-sectional deformation under severe load.

In addition, a fortified super resin combined with state-of-the-art computer-operated curing ovens manages all stages of the critical curing cycle. This keeps carbon fibres in proper alignment and prevents micro-buckling that can otherwise create weak spots.

The comprehensive series consists of seven casting and 18 spinning models, optimised for perch, zander, sea bass and other global requirements.

Launched at ICAST 2024, the RAYFIN series will be available at dealers worldwide from December 1st.